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j.d. hopkins - the boss
site director - general help
frank - ordering / music
randy - recording / music
mike ohm - music
sheldon - music
tony - chocolate / music
joe popp - music
ralph - music
mike chin - music
midtown recording - studio
first art records - cds
cdbaby - cd sales
chelaBOP - webmaster


Ordering Help and Product Information

If you need help ordering, please see our online purchase page for compact discs, or the paypal online purchase page for t shirts and book orders. If you still need help, please email the site director, or frank singer for more assistance.

Fans, Business, Professional

Use the directory to the left to find the individual musician, artist, recording engineer, studio, or webmaster you seek. If they are not listed, please contact core@jdhopkins.com and include some details with a return email address.

Snail Mail

Please address Web site and sales correspondence to:

J.D. Hopkins.com
1112 Potomac Ave
Erie, PA 16505-3435

For J.D. Records and Art business, send correspondence to:

J.D. Hopkins
27457 Hickory Corners Road
Guys Mills, PA 16327

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