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Midtown Recording session 1/03
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| getting ready | the wild guitar beast | the band plays | on break |

J.D. cracks the whip!
J.D. prepares the troops for the upcoming session Tony gets "special" instructions
secrets of the rhythm section J.D. makes sure he covered everything
'beneath the serene...'     
[getting ready] [ top ]
Jayson eats
fueling up Rickie gets focused
homing in Randy sets us up to play
getting down

[the wild guitar-beast] || [ top ]
harnessing the energy of a tornado became the issue! Mike sets up in a blurry flurry
soft lighting is necessary to calm the wild guitarist enough to play ENRAGED BEAST SEEKS RELEASE - thumbnail too scary to show. For the fearless:
After the storm - peace
free at last
This kind of power must be caged - for safety!

[the band plays] || [ top ]
Jayson plays Jayson Hopkins
Dave plays Frank playsFrank Singer
Rickie plays
Dave Blaetz
Rickie Hopkins

[on break] || [ top ]
Rickie with Primate Gestures cover-artist Sue Buck
Rickie relaxes with Sue between jams Sheldon joins us for a night
Sheldon Peterson jumps in

photo credits: chelaBOP [ except photo of Frank Singer by Randy Hetherington ]

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