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Midtown Recording sound-check 4/28/03 - 5/1/03
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Jayson line-checks his electronic drums Rickie readies the acoustic drum set Rickie gets a feel for the set Jayson checks the headphone mix
Jayson Hopkins Rickie Hopkins Rickie Hopkins Jayson Hopkins

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Jayson and J.D. get their headphone mixes balanced together Rickie makes sure he can hear the electronic drums Randy sets the headphone levels as he readies the recording equipment Tony listens in the control room for his mix
Jayson and J.D. Hopkins Rickie Hopkins Randy Hetherington Tony Stefanelli

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Tony in the control room, waiting for his line-check Randy works the mixing board Jayson and J.D. start to test the levels Jayson and J.D. make sure they can hear each other
Tony Stefanelli Randy Hetherington Jayson and J.D. Hopkins Jayson and J.D. Hopkins

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Joel positions his congas Joel warms up for the line-check Mike and Tony await the final line-checks before jamming Frank, Rickie, J.D., Jayson, Mike, Tony, all in the same general vicinity
Joel Polacci Joel Polacci Mike Ohm & Tony Stefanelli J.D. & the Sons of Rhythm

photo credits: chelaBOP [ except photo of J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm by Randy Hetherington ]

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