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quantum events



11 collective improvisations on 2 discs

In the music on this Album, the classic, predictable elements - chords, scales, beats and grooves - weave their way together in a spontaneous texture of contemporary improvisation, held together by the creativity of the performers.

These performers bring American Music to the table, resulting in a mix that can be funky one moment, world beat the next, and jazzy a few moments after that. All of this takes place amidst musicians that also cut their teeth on American blues and Rock and Roll.

The cuts on Quantum Events will stick with you, with snippets of melody, groove and texture bringing you back to the music of the moment. Despite the lack of planning this music emerges intact, never to occur in the same balance of actualized possibility again.

Quantum Events, 11 tracks of music.


disk 1

Jeannie with Light Brown
Near Death Experience
Country Breezin'
Too Cool
Walkin' with Katz and Bears
The Roosters
Laid Back Groovin'

disk 2

What's Up
Heisenberg "Quantum Events"
Moon Walking
No. 1 Pop Music

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the players

Frank Singer
Mike Ohm
Mark Chulick
Tony Stefanelli
J.D. Hopkins
Jayson Hopkins
Rickie Hopkins
Joe Popp
Joel Polacci
Kenny Cornelius
Sheldon Peterson


      J.D. Hopkins & Randy Hetherington
engineering, mix, mastering.....
      Randy Hetherington
cover photo.....Jordan Hopkins
cover design.....Mark Saunders
recorded at Midtown Recording