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Mike Ohm
   - All Guitars


Mastered by
      John Trevethan
Recorded February 2003
All compositions by
      Mike Ohm
      (unless indicated)
Dedicated to my father,
      mother, brother, and sister
      back in Wisconsin and Minnesota
      - also dedicated to Jodi
Cover art by Mike Ohm
Thanks to: Bill Smith at Catwalk Music,
      Jim & Carla, Erin at Lynch Music
      and John Trevethan

"Amoebas at the start

Were not complex

They tore themselves apart

And started sex."

      - Arthur Guitarnam - 1871 - 1943

©2002 by Resistance Records

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one thing after another
Mike Ohm


10 instrumentals for two guitars (double-tracked)

Playing with a sound reminiscent of Steve Morse and Larry Carlton, guitarist Mike Ohm manages to capture the feel of an entire band in the two- or three-track instrumentals on One Thing After Another. The opening number, Fatty Acids, presents three tracks of Mike Ohm's guitar playing, on a tune with melodies that stick in your head and a groove that had me envisioning hip-hop lyrics over the top.

Keep Smilin' gives us an Ohm version of Rhythm Changes, complete with riff and swing bass (on guitar, of course). F-Bomb stays in the swing pocket, with a bit more twang, while Been Tryin' has a Latin feel interspersed with funk riffs and jazz harmonies.

More swing, funk, and rock flavorings follow, until Segovia's classical Impromptu seasons this jazz guitar stew with one more spice, followed by finger-picking ala John Fahey on Eric Johnson's Song For George.

Originally conceived as compositions for a larger group, Mike's decision to present these tunes in a two- (or three-) guitar format is our pleasure, for we get to hear Mike Ohm up close and personal.

One Thing After Another, 10 tracks of music.

disk 1

Fatty Acids
Keep Smilin'
F - Bomb
Been Tryin'
Omega Man
Air Horse
Fish Oil
Impromptu...(Andres Segovia)
Song For George...(Eric Johnson)


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