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Mike Ohm
   - All Guitars


Mastered by
      John Trevethan
Recorded October 2002
All compositions by
      Mike Ohm
Dedicated to my wife Lori.
Also Dedicated to the memory
      or the seven men and women who
      lost their lives on the space shuttle
      Columbia, February 1st, 2003
Cover art by Mike Ohm
Thanks to: Bill Smith at Catwalk Music,
      Jim & Carla, Erin at Lynch Music
      and John Trevethan

"Children of the night,
what beautiful music they make."

      - Dracula

©2002 by Resistance Records

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things are not what they seem
Mike Ohm

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8 instrumentals for two guitars (double-tracked)

At the outset, funky riffs with a rockabilly hint move into jazz fusion vamps with flowing solos. Then an Al Dimeola-flavored etude breaks into a spacious jam reminescent of Larry Carlton. There is almost a soft arena-rock feel here (if such a thing exists) before a return to the original theme.

Then a funky slide brings us into a sweet latin groove with harmonized melodies, before the jam sets in, with soloist Mike Ohm soloing over Mike Ohm! Then, you realize two guitars are carrying everything!

From grooves influenced by John McLaughlin to textures akin to John Abercrombie, this Album carries you through each tune easily, with a full sound from two guitars. There are moments where classical etudes seem to coexist with jazz progessions, with a little swing here and there for seasoning, yet it all comes together in one musical package.

Lay back and enjoy a soaring guitar duet album from Mike Ohm.

Things Are Not What They Seem, 8 tracks of music.

disk 1

Cherry Eye -
    [ broadband 426 KB | stream ]
Last Crusade -
    [ broadband 361 KB | stream ]
Crinkle Cut -
    [ broadband 378 KB | stream ]
Pouch -
    [ broadband 299 KB | stream ]
Sebastapool -
    [ broadband 400 KB | stream ]
Lost -
    [ broadband 349 KB | stream ]
Monkey -
    [ broadband 268 KB | stream ]
Roll In The Hay -
    [ broadband 447 KB | stream ]


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