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the players

Kennedy Thompson
   - vocals, percussion, keyboards
Frank Singer
   - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Brad Amidon
   - drums
Sean Clemments
   - percussion
Matty Walker
   - percussion
Mike Chin
   - bass
Lauren Hughes
   - vocals, keyboards
Ringo Brill
   - percussion
Kenny Hollis
   - guitar
Kennedy Lorya
   - vocals, keyboards
Preach Freedom
   - vocals, percussion, keyboards
Elizabeth Crews
   - vocals
M'Baye Rama Diagne
   - vocals, percussion


recorded at
      Midtown Recording Studios
      Randy Hetherington
assistant engineers
      Mark Saunders, John Macioch
produced by
      Rusty Jackson, Randy Hetherington
cover design
      Matty Walker, Dev Jana
OWT logo
      Stacey Manz
OWT lion drawing
      Mike Chin
      Art Becker, Jeff Garbaz
      Matty Walker

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the world today
One World Tribe

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7 World-Music Latin Reggae Funk tunes

We are the human family.

You are the human family, and that is One World Tribe.

The World Today - Unity...Harmony...Babylon...Confusion. So begins the jam - first World-Music, then Latin, then Reggae followed by Funk. Where is the unity? It's in the groove.

From the onset, The World Today captures the groove, with a full percussion ensemble, guitars, keyboards, the heart-beat pulse of Jamaican bassist Mike Chin, and full-ensemble vocals. All of this combines to give you music that could be Fela Kuti one moment and Santana the next, without losing the identity that is the Tribe.

From the roots of the mid-western Great Lakes Region, through the clubs and into an established regional presence, performing regularly in Buffalo, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and festivals throughout this area, One World Tribe has evolved a power and presence that connects, and an attitude that's ready to party and elevate consciousness at the same time.

Having a cover repertoire that includes Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Maze, The Meters, and KRS-ONE, and players from every background and style, gives the tribe the experience to merge all of this into a collective whole. The test has always been, and continues to be, the clubs and festivals, where the judgement of the people is immediate.

This album has passed the test. See what's coming in: The World Today, from One World Tribe.

The World Today, 7 tracks of music.

disk 1

Unity a Parte    (Preach Freedom) -
    [ broadband 399 KB | stream ]
No Looking Back    (Kennedy Thompson, Sean Clemments) -
    [ broadband 445 KB | stream ]
Tell Them    (Preach Freedom, Kennedy Lorya) -
    [ broadband 471 KB | stream ]
The World Today    (J Jackson, K Thompson, K Hollis, P Freedom) -
    [ broadband 397 KB | stream ]
Resistance    (Preach Freedom) -
    [ broadband 399 KB | stream ]
Twambie Tujue    (Preach Freedom) -
    [ broadband 483 KB | stream ]
Touba (holy city)    (M'Baye Rama Diagne) -
    [ broadband 470 KB | stream ]




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