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the players

Brad Amidon
   - drums, percussion
Mark Marchant
   - percussion
Frank Singer
   - keyboards, sax
Kennedy Thompson
   - vocals, keyboards, percussion
Kenny Hollis
   - guitar
Matty Walker
   - percussion
   - lead vocals
Mike Chin
   - bass
Barnetta De Boe
   - vocals
Enrique Lozada
   - vocals


M'Baye Rama Diagne
   - vocals, djembe
Terrance Simien
   - vocals, accordian, rubboard
Eric Walker
   - vocals
Lauren Hughes
   - vocals, keyboards
Mike Ohm
   - guitar
Randy Baumann
   - keyboards, clinton
Diego Andujar
   - guira
D.J. Chilly J.
   - background vocals

unity horns

Bruce Johnstone
   - saxes, flute
Brian Hannah
   - trumpet
Phil Papotnik
   - saxes
Dave Stevens
   - trombone


recorded at
      TRS Audio, Erie Pennsylvania
engineered by
      John Mazza
produced by
      Rusty Jackson
      Sugar Man Productions
additional recording
      Tom Hitt
      Everette Eighmy
      Keith Veshecco
art direction & design
      Matty Walker
design and digital magic
      Matt Ehrsam
      Digital Alchemy

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disk 1

Go Forward    (Preach Freedom, Frank Singer) -
    [ broadband 490 KB | stream ]
We Are One    (Matty Walker, Kennedy Thompson) -
    [ broadband 438 KB | stream ]
Keep On Struttin' (Chicken Song)
    (Preacha, Nocentelli, Porter, Neville, Modeliste) -
    [ broadband 367 KB | stream ]
Maria Caracoles    (Pello El Afrikan) -
    [ broadband 432 KB | stream ]
No Justice, No Peace    (Preach Freedom) -
    [ broadband 442 KB | stream ]
Money Don't Make It Right
    (Kennedy Thompson, Preach Freedom, Frank Singer, Mike Chin) -
    [ broadband 402 KB | stream ]
Mosi Oa Tuni    (Brad Amidon) -
    [ broadband 628 KB | stream ]
Wanty Wanty    (Mike Chin) -
    [ broadband 407 KB | stream ]
Wish You Love    (Preach Freedom) -
    [ broadband 395 KB | stream ]
Who Gets The Money?    (Frank Singer, Preach Freedom) -
    [ broadband 394 KB | stream ]
    (Frank Singer, Kennedy Thompson, Matty Walker, Enrique Lozada) -
    [ broadband 477 KB | stream ]
Mr. Gahnjah Mon    (Mike chin, Preach Freedom) -
    [ broadband 474 KB | stream ]
No Justice No Peace (King's X Remix)    (Preach Freedom) -
    [ broadband 474 KB | stream ]
Unity And Diversity    (Frank Singer) -
    [ broadband 475 KB | stream ]


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Album list

unity and diversity
One World Tribe

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14 Reggae World-Beat Funk Latin Hip-Hop tunes

Powerful Reggae World-Beat Funk Latin Hip-Hop Music

Frees Your Mind as it Heals Your Spirit and Rocks the House

The debut release from One World Tribe is now re-issued and available!

These fourteen tracks of hard-hitting jams include the 1999 John Lennon Songwriting Contest World Category Finalist title track Unity and Diversity. Along with twelve originals and a jam over The Meters' Chicken Strut, the Pello El Afrikan classic Maria Caracoles rounds out an eclectic collection of music that remains cohesive despite the stylistic changes.


We've got to fight sometime
Still trying to hold us back
We might stumble some time
So we've got to educate the mind
Go Forward - Move!!

So begins the manifesto of One World Tribe's debut Album 'UNITY AND DIVERSITY'.

Assembled by bandleader Kennedy Thompson in 1994, One World Tribe lives up to their album title's description. Unified in their stances on justice for all, freedom of being and spirit, and the oneness of the human existence, the members of the group encompass the globe in background and experience.

How many miles must we march for freedom
How many wars will we have to bear
before our homeless have a world that feeds them
before our children have a world that cares
We are one, we are one

Virtually every ethnic group is represented in the makeup of the band, bringing together black and white, Asian, European, African and Latino. Most members met through the band, yet the positive chemistry and true feeling for each other are often commented on by both fans and employers. These people really like each other, and love what they do.

They have taken up the cause of breaking down the divisions between peoples based on race, religion, or social and economic background, so they may have the same joy. In doing so, they realize they have entered the battle, and see that the people need to be readied for the days ahead.

Grab your brother and sister and love 'em
This war is mental so the mind gets weak
When you see a casualty, to them you must speak
The revolution starts in your own street

One World Tribe brings the battle home, where each victory is the mental freedom of another soul. The catalysts are in the lyrics, which speak of the way to find this freedom, and in the unity of the group and its purpose.

No Justice, No Peace
No Justice for the people, No Peace
They think the revolution die
When the Black Panther die
Get conscious, wake up your mind today
They kill the freedom fighters
Execute them make them martyrs
Get conscious, wake up your mind today

Seeing the corruption of current society, they base their values on humanity, not on greed and the allure of money. Should there be a choice, the path is clear. Find your happiness in life, in each other, and in family, not cash.

Mama used to tell me money don't grow on trees
You better learn to appreciate you get nothing for free
Money hungry people want to rule the world
Happiness money just can't buy

Wanty, wanty...you can't getty
You getty, getty getty...no wanty
It's not yours, you better leave it alone
You better do without or man, get your own

The subject of money brings the opportunity for more questioning, exploring and learning. Understanding how to use it to make the world what we wish it to be becomes the lesson.

Everybody's living day to day
Working, spending, trying to find a way
Story's happening right beneath your nose
Money comes, and there it goes
Are you thinking how your money flows?
Who gets the money?

No strangers to the injustices of life today, this also comes out in the music. Expressing the sentiments in Reggae, World Beat, Funk, Latin and Hip-Hop, the positive intent of the band can take the form of showing the injustices for what they are.

No Justice! No Peace!
I'm in PA, cops are shootin' up niggaz like I'm livin in LA
Police shootin' up brothers carrying buckets in their grips,
Only to be freed 'cause of lack of evidence.
Now that was in Chicago, let me tell ya 'bout the 'burgh
Point-blank range, ain't nothing strange
Down in Philly, they got Abu Jamal in prison
He's looking at a death sentence
Did I mention? he was a Black Panther, Funk Power!

With the words of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fading with the end of 'No Justice (King's X Remix)', the Album sets a more mellow tone as the title track ends the journey, for the moment. The message remains the same, however. There is room for everyone and everything, as long as unity does not mean an end to diversity.

Unity and Diversity
One world, many people
Rigidity, high anxiety
In reality, there's just you and me
Unity and Diversity
Can't you see you're a part of me
No fear, no apology
Unity and Diversity

One World Tribe. Unity and Diversity.

We are One World Tribe, you are One World Tribe, and that is the human family.

Unity and Diversity, 14 tracks of music.


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