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that dog in egypt '97
That Dog In Egypt

"...a mystery every mile."

Poetry, prose, and political commentary weave the musical threads of That Dog In Egypt together into a tapestry of rock and roll storytelling. This tapestry is shaded by cascading jams, creating lyrical islands in the midst of a musical sea.

Danceable grooves combine with catchy hooks on tunes like 99th Floor (where the waves hit the window) and the title track ("That dog in Egypt / Sailin' down the Nile / That dog in Egypt / A mystery every mile"). Grassy Knoll, Memphis Motel, Dakota Blues mourns the loss of the great social leaders of the sixties, including Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy. The closer, Taj Mahal, sets lyrics clearly on islands within seas of jams, in some places as loose and open as modern jazz.

THAT DOG IN EGYPT, 10 tracks of music.

disk 1

Walking On The Wind
99th Floor
The Eagle In Me
Desert Bloom
Heaven's Scent
That Dog In Egypt
Grassy Knoll, Memphis Motel, Dakota Blues
Taj Mahal


the players

Kenton Kovich
Rickie Hopkins
J.D. Hopkins
Keith Homerski
Dave Fink


compositions.....Kenton Kovich
production.....H. T. Turner
engineering.....Don Garvin
cover montage.....Heather Fink
recorded at Jeree Studios


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